Kitchen mechanical timer and its importance for the cook

The other day I discovered a wonderful miracle – an Internet store with all kinds of funny things. And as he began to order all sorts of usefulness and interest. About whom I want to tell and show.

The first thing that has come and what I’m incredibly happy about is a mechanical 60-minute timer. Usually I do several classes at the same time and sometimes I burn something in a saucepan. Now I’ll stop it!


The link to the timer – was bought by Aliexpress

Why use kitchen timers

  1. The secret of cooking delicious and correct in density of pasta is to cook them exactly as indicated on the packaging time. To the state of “al dente”, which in Italian means “only the Italians know a lot about paste”.
  2. If you often cook rice in a saucepan, then without this gadget and your presence in the kitchen, there is a high probability of getting a crackling rice on the output.
  3. Unboiled vegetables are the guarantee of good food. For example, broccoli boils for 3.5 minutes, rather than standing on the pots and poking a knife checking the readiness.
  4. Cooking porridge will become easier, and the incidence of burning will be less.
  5. Simultaneously cook two dishes.
    This is especially true for those who, during cooking, like to peek into social networks for a minute and then sincerely wonder how quickly time flies.

What is the timer for the kitchen made of, and how to use it

There are many different “alarm clocks” for every taste and color. The shape of eggs is stainless steel, plastic in the form of tomatoes or electronic.


The hero of this story is plastic, mechanical, not requiring charging. The sizes 6см * 6см * 2,5см. Weight 64 g. White color.

Small dimensions, large comfortable handle for the plant and well-viewed figures.


The thing is necessary, inexpensive and very convenient. Strongly recommend to buy yourself a kitchen.

Sincerely yours, the chef of the vegetarian cuisine Alex

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