Vegetarian salad Olivie

Brazilian friends really wanted to treat us with a dish from Brazilian cuisine. We got it from the refrigerator and put it on a large portion of food. Overseas dish turned out to be native Olivier salad. Only without sausage, green peas, milk mayonnaise and olives. In the composition of potatoes, carrots, olives and mayonnaise.
The food is delicious, hearty and easy to prepare.

My Vegetarian Olivie Recipe

  1. We boil potatoes 1 kg and carrots 0.5 kg in the peel
  2. Cool, chop and cut potatoes in a large cube, carrots in a medium dice
  3. We cut finely one onion 250gr (it is better to use a red onion)
  4. With small cubes, we sliced ​​pickled cucumbers 300gr (and pickled)
  5. Black olives 100 grams of chopped thin circles
  6. Take a jar of soft green peas and drain all water from it.
  7. Make 300gr of milk mayonnaise
  8. All downloaded into a large salad bowl, add mayonnaise, a little salt, pepper and gently mix
  9. Top with sprinkled beautifully chopped green onion and put in the refrigerator for a couple of hours


The most important thing is not to eat this salad when you are hungry. All that is cooked with mayonnaise, you need to eat small portions. And pickled cucumbers are not easily assimilated by all milk mayonnaise. Although there is almost no milk, it is better to be ready.
Of great importance is the right mayonnaise and the mood with which food is prepared.
The recipe for a vegetarian salad is olivier. Delicious, hearty and easy to prepare. Replacing the milk mayonnaise with soy mayonnaise, then a vegetarian dish will appear.
Bon Appetit everyone!
Sincerely yours, the vegetarian chef Alex

English is not my native language and there can be mistakes in translation. Do not hesitate, correct and ask in the comments.

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